In our lab we seek to understand the causes and consequences of global environmental change in woody vegetation worldwide. Our mission is to provide the best available science to serve forests and woody species conservation and management in rapidly changing climate.

Our research approach

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We use empirical data collected in the field, experiments, big data analysis and statistical and individual based models to understand the interactive effects of climate change, management scenarios and disturbance regimes on woody plant distribution, structure and composition.


New paper: extreme drought in semi-arid vegetation

Understanding how vegetation composition may change under climate change is one of the main preoccupations of plant ecologists nowadays. In already arid conditions, a particularly interesting aspect is how climate-change expected extremes may reshape vegetation patterns. How extreme is a drought-extreme for plants already adapted to dry conditions? To what extent these droughts relate…
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Two new members in the Lab!

We have two new members coming in October ! We have two new PhD students starting soon to work on forest and climate change. More details on them soon, but…
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