Josep M. (aka Pep) Serra-Diaz

Assistant Professor, AgroParisTech

Research interests: Plant Ecology and global change; woody plant regeneration; microclimates; data science; disturbance dynamics; plant range shifts; biome transitions; Mediterranean Ecology

Email: pep.serradiaz[at]

Telephone: (+33) (0)3-83-39-68-85

Jeremy Borderieux

PhD Candidate, AgroParisTech

Research interests: Forest regeneration, Plant Ecology, Fragmentation.

Email: jeremy.borderieux[at]

Jérémy is working on forest regeneration dynamics and landscape structural attributes to understand future regeneration dynamics and plant community shifts in European Central Forests. He is combining intensive modeling with microclimatic data and landscape attributes such as fragmentation to better understand and predict forest dynamics in the 21st century. More to come soon on this important, yet poorly studied, phase of forest dynamics.

Arnaud Callebaut

PhD Candidate, AgroParisTech

Research interests: Ecoinformatics, assisted migration.

Email: arnaud.callebaut[at]

Arnaud is working on devlopping quantitative tools to understand and quantify the potential of plant assisted migration and conservation under global environmental change. With a strong background in Mathematics he is developing a mathematical approach to quantify the risks and benefits of conservation choices regarding the redistribution of plants, combining big data in species distributions and high resolution climatic datasets with operational research. Stay tuned for future developments !

Nuria Jimenez

Visiting PhD Candidate, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

Research interests: Fire, Plant Ecology, Botany.

Email: n.jimenez[at]

Nuria is interest in postfire regeneration dynamics compounded with drought episodes in the Iberian peninsula. She came to visit for a PhD chapter of her dissertation to collaborate in niche estimates, marginality and regeneration dynamics for three tree species in the Iberian Peninsula. An impressive effort combining forest inventories, fire estimates and fieldwork !


Bountouraby Balde

Forest engineer, PhD candidate, University of Lleida, Department of Agricultural and Forest Engineering, ETSEA.

PhD Collaboration on the impacts of climate change on fire dynamics in Catalonia.

Research interests: Emissions from forests fires; Forest biomass; Biomass Succession; Carbon growth models; Mediterranean ecosystems. 

Email: bounbalde[at]

Adrien Noirault

Research Intern 2019, Ecole Normale Supérieur Lyon. NOW: MSc Student

Research interests: Ecosystems facing climate change; Ecosystem ecology; Modelling of species distribution, Natural ressources management.

Email: adrien.noirault[at]

Kourosh Ahmadi

Forest Modeler, PhD

Research interests: Forest ecology, machine learning, eclogical niche models, forests, climate change.

Email: kouroshahmadi66[at]

Coline Limbardet

Assistant Engineer, AgroParisTech

Research interests: Natural environments management ; Consequences of climate change on environments;  Mediterranean ecosystems ;  Integration of climate and ecological issues in territorial management.

Email: coline.limbardet[at]

David Muñoz Ferrandiz

MSc candiate in Biodiversity conservation and Mangement, Autonomous University of Barcelona

Research interests: Alpine plant diversity, Mountain Ecosystems

Email: david.munozferrandiz[at]

David is working on how alpine grasslands may be affected by climate change directly and indirectly via plant woody plant encroachment using distribution modeling.