Training future generations in Plant Ecology and Biodiversity

Lead instructor

Plant Ecology

In this course we review the fundamentals of plant ecology with a special focus on population and community ecology. The course encompasses a series of lectures, lab excercises and fieldwork to understand the theory and applications of Plant Ecology to real world problems in nature management.

Monitoring and management of Natural areas

This is a translational Ecology course focused on solving a real problem of a protected natural area. Stemming from a real need of managers, students constitute a team (with a logo !) that will carry out a project to solve that need. The students organize and coordinate tasks, plan fieldwork and data management, present the project to the public and provide the best available scientific basis to solve the problem. Check out their latest project in the Montserrat Natural Park, you can also follow their news on Twitter @3agmn

Conservation and Management of Biodiversity and Natural resources

This course aims providing a fundamental understanding of sustainability, plant ecology, natural resource conservation and management. The first part of the course is based on analyzing key fundamental ecological concepts such the different dimensions of biodiversity, ecological indicators and ecosystem services. Subsequently, students apply different indicators to a case study of forest management. In the second part of the course students become professors. Students decide a current hot topic, divide the topic in different key sub-topics and prepare in groups the lectures and a final test to grade peers, students,..and even the professor!

Models for Forest Science and Management

The objective of this course is to provide the basic tools to understand and implement ecological models to Forest Science and Management. We start through a basic theory on modeling and then apply four different models working at different scales of analysis: tree, stand, landscapes and continenets. In this course, you will have an overview of different modelling techniques, but most importantly, you will learn that each model is fit to answer a different question.

Guest lectures

Fundamentals Landscape Ecology

In these series of lectures and labs students become familiar with the field of Landscape Ecology and analyze landscape dynamics and change in a computer lab. Key concepts analyzed are connectivity and disturbance dynamics.

Plant Ecology (European Masters Forestry)

In this course I present key concepts of Fire Ecology and dynamics in Mediterranean woodlands, and discuss current scientific understanding of how climate change and land use change may affect Mediterranean forests in the world.