We are recruiting a postdoc for the SEEDFOR project !

We are looking for a motivated and independent researcher for the SEEDFOR project. The aim of SEEDFOR is to understand how climate change and management can shape the redistribution of forests in France. Specifically, how regeneration dynamics could shape the transition between Mediterranean and Temperate Biome. Our goal is to understand how the seed and seedling stage constraint tree species range shifts thorough ecological (seed ecology and microclimates) and management processes (provenance planting choice, harvesting intensity).

The researcher will lead the analysis of (micro)climate effects on seed emergence and seedling survival through a large-scale seed sowing experiment of five species and two seed provenances of five key tree species (Quercus ilex, Q. pubescens, Q. petraea, Q. robur, Fagus sylvatica). That experiment takes place over an altitudinal gradient in the Montagne Noire in France, a cross-road between the Mediterranean, the Temperate and the Continental forest biome. An initial planting phase has been performed ensuring data availability form the start of the position. We expect the scholar to be able to continue the monitoring of the experiments and potentially develop further experiments in the field, and/or develop greenhouse experiments.

Seed sowing experiment

We expect a candidate willing to link seed ecology, forest ecology and biogeography through experimental and modeling work, publish their results in international journals, and transfer the results to local management team.

The position is based in Nancy. A beautiful small city in North Eastern France and a cluster of major forest research in France and Europe. The successful candidate will be joining the SILVA lab, a large French scientific cluster with colleagues working in different Forest Science disciplines. The SILVA Lab is a joint venture of AgroParisTech (QS Ranked 4th in Forestry), the University of Lorraine as well as the French National Institute for Agronomic Research and the Environment (INRAE).

Desired skills:

  • Expertise in seed ecology or ecological field experiments and field campaigns.
  • Desire to incorporate microclimatic dynamics in their research.
  • Experience with statistical analysis, ideally with techniques such as GLMM.
  • Coordinate and lead a field crew: team of field technicians and forest managers.

Ability to write and communicate in English, and demonstrated evidence to publishscientific peer-reviewed articles in the field.


We offer:

  • Two-year contract (1 year +1 year renovation subject to performance) with a competitive salary in France – commensurate to experience.
  • A field technician support team who will help out during the experiment.
  • Join one of the largest forest science teams in France (SILVA Lab), with access tofacilities such as greenhouses and plant growth chambers.
  • Join the Excellence Lab ARBRE.


How to apply ?

Please upload HERE  the three documents required (see below) in ONE ZIPPED FILEwith the following file naming convention: LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME.zip.

  • (1)  a motivation letter (1.5-pages maximum) specifying how your past experience is linked to the position we are offering. PDF format
  • (2)  Your CV. PDF format
  • (3)  The contact details (full name, position, institution, email and address) of two individuals who could provide a reference letter for you (in English, Spanish, French or Catalan). PDF format

Materials should be submitted by January 10th 2023, when the initial screening will begin. Submissions will be accepted up until January 31st but given lower priority. After an initial screening phase finishing in February we contact references of shortlisted candidates and we will interview short-listed candidates in February-March. Expected starting date: between April or May 2023.

For further inquiries please contact: pep.serradiaz [at] agroparistech.fr

Upload submission materials is also available through this QR link. page2image37323792